Thursday, March 30, 2023

What I’m Watching: Bel-Air

Bel-Air: Season 2, Episode 5 “Excellence is Everywhere” (B+)

Will hasn’t caught wind of how Jackie manipulated him on behalf of her uncle, but he’s also hardly the most self-aware person. He had no clue that Lisa was still into him and that she might have mistaken his swim lesson flirtation for something that would make it quite surprising to learn that he was dating someone else. It didn’t help that she met and really liked Jackie before realizing who she was, and now she’s going to try to take some time away from Will since she’s not in an emotional place to be just his best friend. Will is also about to alienate another person who is close to him, egged on by Doc’s encouragement not to dismiss the scholarship to turn it into a real thing. That’s sure to devastate Carlton, who’s already hanging on by a thread and is just waiting for something else to disappoint him. Getting those drugs as a supposed peace offering is going to send him down a dangerous road. I’m curious why it is that Phil and Viv are so set on making sure that Geoffrey doesn’t find his son, but Phil is also hiding something from Viv which he should have told her about right away following his hijacked client meeting. Things are looking up for Hilary at the moment work-wise, but it did get quite awkward when her big get turned out to be her ex, another troublesome development in her relationship with Jazz. While Daphne Maxwell Reid was back as the overbearing Helen, it looks like this might be the last we’ll see of another original cast member, Tatyana Ali, since Ms. Hughes has apparently found a great job in Chicago.

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