Friday, March 24, 2023

What I’m Watching: Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet: Season 1, Episode 7 “Not Out of the Game Yet” (B+)

This episode featured two great guest stars, both from other ABC series that I’ve enjoyed. Tony Plana, who played announcer Carlos Garza, big fan of the baseball metaphors, was an endearing fixture on “Ugly Betty” before turning to more villainous roles in recent years, and Carlos Gómez appeared on a much shorter-lived recent series that I would have enjoyed watching for much longer, “The Baker and the Beauty.” It’s no surprise that Nell’s father is someone who appears to have high expectations but actually is entirely impressed by everything his daughter is doing, which he was clued in to by the always helpful Edward. She has been quite distracted lately, but it’s admittedly hard to drive and watch the road when people keep turning up in your backseat without any warning. Lexi has her own issues with her father that she’s not very good at hiding, and those came out in another vulnerable way with Nell around when she was the one to speak up about the detrimental nature of these performance reviews. They’re doing enough together that Lexi and Nell might have to start becoming friends soon, though for now Lexi is going to depend on her actual bestie Sam to keep that secret about how she fired her father and she doesn’t expect him to find out about it for a few weeks. That’s what he gets for telling one of his underlings to stay on the phone and cough every once in a while to make it seem like he’s there and listening.

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