Tuesday, March 14, 2023

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 9, Episode 5 “The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2” (B)

I had assumed that the Red Death was going to be a season-long villain, but apparently that’s not the case. Instead, Team Flash and their new band of reformed criminal friends encountered a few setbacks, Barry got to see Grodd again, and the Batwoman we know made a triumphant entrance. The Red Death really did seem to be quite the foe, but I’m sure there are others who will be back to try to take over National City before this show ends. I’d probably rather spend time with the characters Ryan mentioned when she referenced that brunch, some of whom well hopefully get to see over the course of the remaining episodes. Allegra and Chester finally talked about that kiss and apparently agreed that it was great, forgetting that everyone was watching them, and somehow Khione knew definitely that Iris was pregnant before she did. This obsession with sticking to a particular timeline or set course of events is no fun, so this team could do with a bit of unpredictability. Joe’s been thinking about leaving for a while and it feels somewhat strange for Jesse L. Martin to exit at this point since he’s been around for nearly half the season already. The notion of Cecile sticking around while he’s living elsewhere with Jenna doesn’t exactly track since she’ll still be in harm’s way, and it’s not as if villains only operate on weekdays so her weekends will end up being free. Let’s see how things shape up once the next threat emerges.

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