Thursday, March 9, 2023

What I’m Watching: Hello Tomorrow!

Hello Tomorrow! Season 1, Episode 5 “From the Desk of Stanley Jenkins” (B+)

I hadn’t made note of the terrific actress who plays Herb’s wife Betty, Susan Heyward, who was a standout during the later seasons of “Orange is the New Black” as Tamika Ward and is already making her mark here. She’s manipulating everyone around her without anyone having the slightest idea, like her husband who thinks she’s throwing up and Joey who thought she was being nice to him when she was actually just teeing him up to lose faith in Jack. Joey’s brief imprisonment was certainly unpleasant after he got picked up by Lester and the police robot for something he didn’t even know he had done, and Jack was able to end that swiftly without incident. But now Jack has a bigger problem to deal with, which is that Shirley knows that everything about the moon is bogus. He was, however, able to give her that information without the important detail that he’s the one running the scam, and now it’s unclear what’s going to happen next since he might still be in control. That final scene where I recognized the voice of actor Michael Paul Chan from “The Closer” indicates that he’s in trouble because people are actually showing up for launches that clearly aren’t happening, and we’ll need more details on how much that will directly affect him. Eddie’s struggle to get into the venue to declare his love for Shirley just showed how he’s a very showy lover of grand gestures, no matter what the occasion. Mildred found an unfortunate target for the anger she feels with simply being offered refunds and no acknowledgment of the initial problem, and maybe Lester letting his conscience guide him rather than the rules will mean some sort of impact for Jack and his crew. I should also note the brief but memorable appearance of one Dagmara Dominczyk, an actress I hope to see much more of on this show soon.

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