Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emmy Nominees: Best Comedy Series

My predictions: 6/6

I’m happy to have correctly predicted this entire lineup. I couldn’t be more thrilled about Parks and Recreation finally making it in, though I wish it had earned more nominations in other categories. Fans of The Big Bang Theory will surely be ecstatic about its inclusion, even it if took a few years. The Office is hanging on by a thread, which makes sense given that it often takes a few too many years for voters to catch on to a show’s declining quality. Glee made it in despite a reduced number of nominations, and ditto 30 Rock, which earned the fewest mentions it’s received since its first year. Rounding out the list is Modern Family, which destroyed the competition with seventeen nominations.

What should win? “Parks and Recreation”
What will win? It will probably be “Modern Family,” though I’d love to see it be “Parks and Recreation”

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