Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I’m Watching: Outcasts

Outcasts: Season 1, Episode 5 (B+)

On a weaker show, having a new mysterious outsider pop up in each episode might seem repetitive and uncreative, but it’s leading to some truly fascinating stuff here on Carpathia. Patrick Baxter is in some ways much like the captain from the pilot, someone who has clearly been through a long journey and has a great deal of wisdom and composure to show for it. Pac has, however, lost some touch with how to communicate with people, and therefore his bar brawl and the mysterious tour on which he leads Fleur and Cass on are not in keeping with social norms. I’m very intrigued by this planet, and it seems to have its own story aside from anything related to our characters. Cass holding Fleur while they slept and her waking with a furious start was amusing, and the two really do make a great team. The pair I was most pleasantly surprised by in this episode was Stella and Jack, forming an unexpected bond after both proving to be quite skilled and not so different as they might have initially though. I’m very glad that Tate told Stella about his hallucinations, and it’s a good thing that she, at least in part, believes him. Tate’s interactions with Julius are just as terrific, as Tate explicitly tells Julius that he knows he’s trying to oust him from power and Julius doesn’t even bother trying to deny it. Additionally, I’m pleased to see Lily developing into her own after simply being a plot point related to Stella previously.

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