Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I'm Watching: Wilfred

Wilfred: Season 1, Episode 4 "Acceptance" (B+)

This episode contains the most human contact we've seen yet for both of our main characters. The return of Kristen is certainly welcome, just as mad and vicious as she was in the pilot, spewing hatred and loathing for her brother. Ryan's efforts at making jokes didn't go over too well, as she claimed that laughing hurt too. It's good to see them bonding, but unfortunately it looks like that won't last too long with his latest antics involving saving his good friend Wilfred from certain doom and running out in the middle of his haircut adorned with a makeshift cape from the barber. Ed Helms is the show's first major guest star, playing the part of the peanut butter-obsessed Darryl. I half-expected Wilfred to be pulling Ryan's leg and making the whole thing up, but Darryl's fanatical, frightened reaction to Ryan pointing the squirt gun at him indicates that maybe it all was true. It's clear that Wilfred does depend on Ryan for some things, and Ryan did manage to train him to sit down by clicking and giving him a treat and keep him occupied by spraying him with the water gun. Wilfred's desire to save the bear is indicative of his occasional helplessness, and it proved quite hilarious as well. It's amusing that Wilfred picked up that guitar and decided to play a band, and that the bear was giving an important part in the band. Wilfred's comment about not being racist was quite funny, defending himself on the grounds that he can't see color.

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