Sunday, July 24, 2011

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Season 3, Episode 4 “The Shaw/Hank Redemption” (B+)

There’s nothing like a good field trip to shake things up, especially since recurring characters are required to step up to the plate and have major life events occur while their doctors are out of town. Marisa going into labor while Hank is in Florida, requiring Divya to pretty much handle the delivery by herself, with a supportive Jill providing some encouragement, helps to create a tenser situation than expected as Boris exerts his money-inspired control freak attitude as the baby starts coming. Fortunately, everything went well despite a few frightening complications, and now Boris and Marisa will likely be back in the supporting spotlight as they enter the latest chapter in their lives. Down in Florida, Hank and Evan quickly discover that Eddie isn’t serving out his jail time as he should be and has instead administered yet another con. I would have liked to see more of Emily Bergl, late of “Desperate Housewives,” as his oddball lawyer Nola, though I’ll settle for strong guest performances from Jonathan Tucker as Shaw (providing the episode’s clever title) and Ed Asner as Teddy Roth, revealed to be not only Eddie’s sponsor but his father. I’m curious to see if Teddy will play a further role in the Lawson family dynamic, as he certainly provides a calming, authoritative presence similar to that exuded by Hank. I’m also interested to see what becomes of Eddie now that his scheme has been revealed and he may have to face the prospect of going back to prison.

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