Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I'm Watching: Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Season 3, Episode 3 “Rash Talk” (B+)

This episode was chock full of guest stars even as our main characters had plenty of major developments of their own. Shiri Appleby, late of “Life Unexpected,” and Jennifer Ferrin, recently seen as the unexcitable Dana of “The Cape” played the two ailing maids, and I enjoyed seeing Joanna Gleason and David Rasche from “In the Loop” as the couple with a problem with their neighbor. Eddie being eligible for parole without his sons having known was a good starting point for the episode, and I like how Paige managed to motivate Evan by telling him to open pieces of mail. Evan did manage to get her pretty riled up by answering her phone, and she doesn’t seem keen on sharing whatever’s going on with her with Hank either. I’m enjoying the relationship between Jill and Hank, and I like how Divya realized Jill was actually in the house and called her name out rather than telephoning her. Jill isn’t exactly subtle, and it’s fun that she and Hank are trying things out again. Divya cooking Indian food for Evan and Hank proved hilarious, mostly because of how Hank insisted that Evan pretend to like it and then couldn’t stand it himself. Divya staying with the Lawsons might seem like the kind of thing that could detract from or drag out the other plotlines, but for the moment, it’s providing just enough entertainment and working out fine. Divya and Evan’s interactions were always the best part of this show, so I’m glad to have as many of those as possible.

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