Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Season 3, Episode 2 “But There’s a Catch” (B+)

I’m always entertained, almost always at least, by the way that this show manages to put together its several threads each episode and connect them with something like a good old bit of sportsmanship. It’s amusing to see Hank so easily manipulated and dragged into a competition by an old teammate of his, and quite convenient for the story that he and Ken just happened to be the most skilled lay football players. Ken’s obnoxiousness worked well too in motivating Hank and causing a bit of drama on the playing field. It’s great to have Jill in such a useful position, since she is ready to help Hank out at a moment’s notice and actually knows what to do. Sure, Divya serves that purpose too, but certainly not in this episode. She’s a character is usually so put-together, so to see her so vulnerable is an interesting opportunity. Recognizing the caretaker’s depression was a clever way for her to sort of self-diagnose herself and hop out of her funk. Evan did manage to take care of her well, and it was funny to see him act like a kid while shopping for medical supplies. The episode-ending development with Paige comes as somewhat of a shocker, though we don’t yet have all the details about what exactly is ailing her and how serious it is. Evan does tend to be pretty oblivious when it comes to anything, so noticing an illness in his number one girl might take him some time, though something tells me Hank is going to do his best to help the situation in some form or another.

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