Monday, July 25, 2011

What I’m Watching: Suits

Suits: Season 1, Episode 5 “Bail Out” (B+)

In this episode, we have some certification that this series is able to perform commendably under circumstances that might otherwise drag down a weaker show. The return of Trevor so close to the time of the show’s initial premiere could have been a negative move, yet here he manages to enhance the other characters and help bring them together in a more positive way. Harvey knowing about Mike’s reignited relationship with Trevor seemed like Big Brother watching over the newbie in a harsh and judgmental way at first, but it eventually became clear that Harvey was really just looking out for him. Showing up as Trevor’s lawyer and talking the bad guys down was a superb step, and, cocky as it is, it’s magnificent to see Harvey work. I knew that more would be made of the car accident as soon as I saw that Jose Zuniga, recently seen on “The Event,” was playing the cab driver. Calling Mike to the stand as a surprising move, but ultimately it’s just another chance to see Harvey mop the floor with someone. Mike really needs to figure out how to silence his cell phone and practice a bit of courtroom and lawyer decorum. Harvey mocking Louis wasn’t a surprise at all, but it was almost touching to hear Harvey tell Louis that the reason he was making fun of him was because he thinks that Louis is above average for managing to close a class action case with that kind of settlement.

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