Friday, July 22, 2011

What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs: Season 2, Episode 7 “Half a World Away” (B+)

It’s always fun to see a back story for a supporting character on any series, especially a show on USA. Auggie has always the best character this show has to offer, and it makes sense that we should get to see a pit of his past in this hour. I liked that it wasn’t entirely a flashback and instead focused much more on his present search for the man who blinded him after hearing and recognizing his voice on his jazz recording. I was very happy to see Rebecca Mader, whose post-“Lost” career included a rather unfortunate stint on “No Ordinary Family,” as the flight attendant who so eagerly helped Auggie as he requested her assistance in tracking down that man. I was relieved that Mader’s Franka didn’t turn out to be a spy because random encounters like this one so often end up being staged meetings for enemy agents to make contact with a mark and earn their trust. Auggie has proven himself to be more than capable of bedding pretty much any woman he wants, so it does make sense that Franka would have been attracted to him since he manages to advertise his blindness so charmingly. It was fun to have the tables turned and see Annie helping Auggie for once rather than the other way around, and also interesting to see how Annie handled not knowing quite enough information and deciding when to bring it to Joan. Most satisfyingly, Auggie permanently resolved his crisis and got to take that triumphant walk off the plane.

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