Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I’m Watching: White Collar

White Collar: Season 3, Episode 6 “Scott Free” (B+)

What a fun episode this is. I like the idea of Neal being thrown off by having a copycat con man who reminds everyone of him. “Robin Hoodie” has got to be one of the best nicknames ever conceived of, and I love that Neal said it offhand as a judgmental joke and it managed to stick. What’s most exciting about this episode has little to do with Robin Hoodie, or Scott, himself, but rather with the way that the players work together to pull off a con of their own to make sure that Scott gets a good deal and doesn’t get himself hurt by “Twin Peaks” actor Dana Ashbrook. Mozzie’s miniatures in explaining the con were a lot of fun, positioning Scott as the baby and Sara as the Barbie. Sara playing along was a blast, and it’s great that even Peter lets it happen and then steps in to intervene in order to make sure that Neal and the gang don’t get caught. Scott’s response to Peter’s questions, “depends which pieces you know about,” was a retort worthy of Neal, and a fitting sendoff for his character. I enjoyed the opening scene where Peter did detective work and found the handcuffs on the floor. Sara was plenty awkward in that first scene, and I’m excited by the latest development, which indicates that Sara will now have a bigger role in things since she’s discovered Neal’s fake passport and will have to decide how to play her hand and let him know that she knows.

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