Friday, July 15, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Big C

The Big C: Season 2, Episode 3 “Sexual Healing” (B+)

Everything seems to be settling down now in this season as a doctor-free episode gives way to characters dealing with their own ways of self-medicating. Sean on meds is a glorious sight, and of course he would manage to get Rebecca upset by looking at her closely and pointing out her imperfections in over-complimentary ways. Rebecca dressing up as a schoolgirl to seduce him and confronting him while he was in the middle of making homemade toilet paper was amusing, but what really sold it in terms of their relationship was Sean describing all his weird flaws and then telling Rebecca he’s nuts about her. Andrea catching Paul masturbating was a highlight, mostly because of Paul’s initial flummoxed reaction and subsequent joke-making of it as he tricks her into thinking she’s being sent to Ghana. Cathy getting Paul the sleeve was a sweet twist, and I love that they decided to have sex anyway because Cathy’s dirty talk succeeded in turning her on as well. Adam’s becoming quite the promiscuous little kid, kissing one of his friends and then hooking up with some other random girl. I much prefer his friendship with Andrea since it’s a much purer and asexual relationship, and I’m glad that she’s being used so well this season. Coming in while Cathy is having trouble giving herself her shot was a wonderful way to end the episode, and it’s really nice to see how close teacher and student have become, forming a truly untraditional and unexpected bond.

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