Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emmy Nominees: Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

My predictions: 0/6

This represents my most embarrassing category, with not one prediction correct. “30 Rock” still made a dent, but with third-time nominee Will Arnett and Matt Damon, earning a well-deserved first Emmy acting nod after being snubbed last year and for “Will & Grace” a number of years back. The selection of Nathan Lane (Modern Family) isn’t especially creative, but at least it’s a better choice than Matt Dillon from the same show since Lane was at least putting forth some effort. Zach Galifianakis (Saturday Night Live) is a fun inclusion, and past winner Justin Timberlake (Saturday Night Live) is also back. The most exciting choice is Idris Elba (The Big C), a great recurring guest star who earned another Emmy nod today for “Luther.”

Who should win? I still need to watch both SNL installments, but I’d go with Damon or Elba
Who will win? Probably Galifianakis, but I’m not sure.

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