Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I’m Watching: Entourage (Season Premiere)

Entourage: Season 8, Episode 1 “Home Sweet Home” (B-)

The gang’s all back as this show returns for its final year. Looking back on my grades from last season, it was actually decently solid, with a bit of a drop-off towards the end of the season as Vince’s behavior spiraled out of control. I’ve often said, as have others, that this show would do well not to revolve around Vince quite as much as it does since he often drags the show down, particularly when he’s showboating to prove his sobriety as all of his buddies do their very best to ensure that he doesn’t fall off the wagon. Drama deserves commendation for his intensive efforts to rid the house of all possible illicit substances, and it’s no surprise that Turtle can’t keep himself from smoking pot for even a few hours. Ari’s latest state is just as rage-fueled as ever, and I liked his interactions with his son and Lloyd at work. Discovering that Mrs. Ari was dating someone else, of course, really threw him for a loop, and I imagine he’s going to be very intent on getting revenge in the coming episodes. I’m saddened that E’s engagement with Sloane has been broken off and that they seem to be going through the aftermath rather poorly, with E spiraling downward just as Vince did at the end of last season. If nothing else, this should be a good last hurrah so long as Vince doesn’t direct a truly awful TV movie about himself as a Chilean miner or something like that.

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