Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Closer

The Closer: Season 7, Episode 2 “Repeat Offender” (B+)

Last week’s surprise ending turns out to be a major development that pretty much negates almost everything that happened last season in terms of the search for a new chief. Everything is back to normal for now, with everyone treading very carefully as nothing is certain. Raydor is still interviewing members of PHD as part of her audit, and Pope is reluctant to close down her investigation so as not to jeopardize his own newly re-cemented status. Taylor is quite upset about losing the promotion that he was revealed to be expecting in the premiere, and his venting to Provenza was quite amusing. Buzz also seems to be considerably more dressed up than he usually is, easily mistaken for a detective at a crime scene, potentially in order to secure his own job as eyes are on everyone. Pope being worried that he got fat after seeing himself in his uniform on TV was entertaining as well, as was Brenda’s rather harsh reiteration of it to him. After spending a week in Los Angeles for the first time, I was excited to hear that Flynn took Sepulveda instead of the freeway in order to make good time since I now understand the geography of the area a tiny, tiny bit. I was glad to see James D’Arcy from “Virtuality” and “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” get some work here as the professor who unknowingly admitted to lying to the police while being recorded in the police station – such a rookie mistake.

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