Monday, July 18, 2011

What I’m Watching: Love Bites

Love Bites: Season 1, Episode 7 “Boys To Men” (B)

The first two segments of this episode were terrific, and the only reason the episode grade isn’t top notch is that the third vignette wasn’t nearly as strong. I’m always thrilled to see the wonderful Rebecca Creskoff in any role, and it’s great that she has yet another superb part that uses her seductive nature and carefree bossiness extraordinarily well. She definitely mops the floor with Skylar Astin’s nerdy kid Ben, and their interactions were absolutely hilarious. The second segment was very sweet, with spot-on performances from Aimee Garcia and Ian Reed Kesler as participants in a would-be one-night stand who are thrown together under unexpected circumstances. I liked seeing them bicker in the car and then work out their problems to discover that they had something in common, particularly a love of tall things wearing tall things. It seemed that there was an unusually immense effort to connect the three plotlines, specifically by having Judd and Colleen pop up in each one, as well as having Dale show up before his featured segment. I didn’t find Dale’s almost-romance with the French receptionist terribly compelling, and the most notable part of the third vignette was when I got visibly excited as I realized that it was Annie who was giving birth. I’m hopeful that she’ll now be featured more prominently as a newly non-pregnant young woman in the one or two remaining installments since she really has been criminally underused up until now and her character deserves much, much better.

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