Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take Three: Necessary Roughness

Necessary Roughness: Season 1, Episode 3 “Spinning Out” (C+)

This show is cementing itself as a portrait of a rather out-of-control family that feuds uncontrollably and rather publicly for the entirety of the episode and then somehow decides that they’re all going to get along just before the episode ends. I’m not sure that progression is truly merited, and then definitely makes this show less convincing. The visit from the court-appointed observer to determine Dani’s fitness as a parent couldn’t have been any more poorly-timed, and her subsequent stops were certainly just as ill-advised. Her kids are rather horrific, however, so Dani can’t exactly be blamed too much for the state of things at home. T.K. is continuing to spiral out of control, so easily provoked by the most infantile of tricks. It’s a good thing that Dani’s clientele isn’t limited solely to the football players since that might quickly become boring, and dealing with different kinds of sports stars, at the behest of the team’s owner, makes sense as a regular routine for her. It does seem that her string are being pulled rather repeatedly by Nico, though it’s good to see some sort of relationship developing between them as he slowly lets little pieces of information trickle down to her. Her non-romance with Donnally continues to be a distraction that probably won’t turn into anything, and I imagine they’ll simply work together without letting their one-night stand get in the way. This show definitely needs some short of adrenaline since it hasn’t quite reached its potential yet.

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