Monday, July 18, 2011

What I’m Watching: Rescue Me (Season Premiere)

Rescue Me: Season 7, Episode 1 “Mutha” (B+)

Well, there’s nothing like this show. The kind of things that happen here and the dialogue that is uttered is completely unique to the brain of Denis Leary, Peter Tolan, and the other creative people involved in this show. It wouldn’t be right if Tommy wasn’t doing something crazy like jumping on a car hood within the first few minutes. After an understandable and smart five-month jump, it’s shocking but fun to see Sheila and Janet getting along like old friends, laughing at Tommy’s girly legs and sharing sexual secrets with each other. Janet can really make her points well, telling Sheila that she doesn’t want to have sex with a walking hard-on with a fire helmet, which prompts Tommy to share a bit too much information about his refill of hand lotion. Black Shawn wanting to marry Colleen and going to Franco for advice was hilarious, and he nearly screwed himself up by seeming too startled by her affirmative response. Teddy and Mickey owning the bar and hosting an AA group there seems just as far-fetched as cyclical as anything on this show, and it stands to reason that Colleen is actually drinking all the drinks behind closed doors. Tommy taking a drink wasn’t a surprise either, and I got a chill from seeing his father pop up, followed by Johnny and Jimmy. In an unexpected positive development, Tommy managed to defiantly spit it out as Colleen lay on the floor in front of him and grab the shotgun to get everyone out of the bar and tell them the party’s over, which is sure to have implications throughout the coming episodes.

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