Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I’m Watching: Outcasts

Outcasts: Season 1, Episode 4 (B+)

It’s impressive that this show is able to devote the core of each episode to a specific plotline with such a small season order. The character of Elijah was immensely interesting, and his interactions with the various humans with whom he did come into contact were much more complex than those already intriguing meetings between the likes of Rudi and Fleur. Elijah’s conversation with Cass was perhaps the episode’s most simultaneously entertaining and heartwarming moment, as they both bonded over the fact that the women they love essentially have no idea of their feelings towards them. Cass’ betrayal of Fleur is sure to sting for a while, though his response that he’ll always be there for her was touching. Jack has to learn to control that trigger finger of his since, for all the good will that Mitchell had created with the ACs, he’s really serving to worsen every situation and make all those at Forthaven look more and more like an enemy. Julius preaching to the injured woman about needing to stop the violent animals was one thing, but calling her stupid after she disagreed with him demonstrates once again that he truly does have villainous intentions. He can’t even make friends with the similarly-minded Jack, and seems determined to push back against Tate and Stella in nearly every situation. Tate seeing his children at the end of the episode was decently spooky, and his words were both reassuring and discomforting at the same time, indicative of a knowing descent towards insanity: “I know you’re not real, but I don’t want you to leave.”

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