Monday, July 25, 2011

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 5, Episode 5 “Square One” (B+)

It seemed at the start of this episode that Michael had managed to save himself the trouble of being a wanted, lawless commodity once again, but all evidence by episode’s end points to the fact that his long journey back to normalcy is far from over. I was sad to see Max go, and therefore it was good to see Lauren Stamile, who I remember as a regular on the WB’s short-lived “Off Centre” back in 2001, as Agent Pearce, who quickly makes an impression by comparing her spirit to that of her dog. I was also pleased to see Matt Lauria getting a part so soon after the demise of FOX’s “The Chicago Code,” as this week’s client, Ethan, who insisted on being involved in every step of the case. He ended up doing quite well, and it was fun to see Sam talk about how he was running beginner $6000 a week scams and then have him control himself just enough to not ruin everything Michael had been setting up for the entire episode. Michael’s pep talk on how to help Ramsey set fire to his entire life was rather inspirational as well. I liked his quote: “For a spy, revenge is a dish rarely served at all.” Fiona and Jesse posing as dirty cops to confiscate the surveillance tapes was amusing, and I like how the task of watching them all was handed off to Madeleine. The discovery that someone posed as Michael on the tapes and even captured his signature walk is immensely troubling, and I’m so curious to see what happens next.

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