Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I’m Watching: Weeds

Weeds: Season 7, Episode 4 “A Hole in Her Nigab” (B+)

Things are getting back on track as Nancy manages to get more free time from the halfway house and get herself a fully legitimate job with her good friend Doug while kick-starting her new weed business. Two new powerhouse guest stars officially join the recurring cast in this episode, both playing high-powered men almost instantly fascinated by Nancy. Martin Short’s pro bono lawyer with a “trapper of broken dreams” is definitely the shadier, wackier of the two, and his skills thus far haven’t been all that impressive as Jill continues to poison Stevie against his mother. Aidan Quinn’s CEO is exactly Nancy’s type, and I’m sure that something will occur between them sooner than later. Silas is being a huge jerk to his business partner mother, and the two would make a good team if they just spoke to each other. Silas giving the entire supply away for free resulted in 42 new clients, though I’d argue that Nancy throwing fliers out the window labeled “Known Drug Dealer” to cut out her competition is mighty creative. I liked Silas’ method of identifying a drug dealer, calling out “Freeze, DEA!” Some craziness in Afghanistan seems to have derailed their plans, so we’ll see what happens with that. Shane buying new furniture for their apartment and recreating Nancy’s Agrestic bedroom is a nostalgic throwback to the past. Andy’s relationship with the nutty artist and her husband seemed strange at first but now appears to be rather surprisingly sweet and fairly hilarious, as evidenced by their equal participation in bed while the husband gets some good reading in.

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