Friday, April 20, 2012

Round Two: Apartment 23

Apartment 23: Season 1, Episode 2 “Daddy’s Girl” (B+)

I’ve decided to refer to this show by its shorter title, partially because I plan on writing about this show for the foreseeable future, given that its second episode was superior to its first and it’s pretty damn entertaining. Most remarkable about this installment is that it manages to one-up Chloe sleeping with June’s fiancé, and it’s worrisome only in that it’s going to be hard to sustain such dramatic and horrifying events on a weekly basis. It really seemed like Scott might actually be a nice guy, and June even got over the fact that he was Chloe’s dad. But the arrival of June’s wheelchair-bound mother, distraught that her husband might be cheating on her, drove home the fact that both Chloe and Scott really are awful people. Scott’s assertion that his wife didn’t like biking was met with appropriate horror by June, and, as daughters should, Chloe felt it necessary to push her father into the street so that he could get hit by a bike. James Van Der Beek is hovering elsewhere on his own plotline, trying to teach an acting class but not being taken seriously aside from his work on “Dawson’s Creek,” which is a very meta plotline since the show is doing the same thing, and I wonder how long that can last. I suspect that June will be dating plenty in the near future, considering how completely gaga, complete with hypnotic music, she went when she saw a baby coming out of the elevator.

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