Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: Eastbound & Down

Eastbound & Down: Season 3, Episode 7 “Chapter 20” (B+)

With both of Kenny’s parents out of the picture, he can get back to what’s really important to now, which is important since the show ends for good this coming week. It’s fitting, in this time of conclusion, that several memorable faces should return in honor of the show’s exodus from the air. We’ve seen Will Ferrell’s Ashley already this season, and Craig Robinson’s Reg Mackworthy hasn’t been around since season one. Ashley’s fate was perfect for the ridiculous, despicable blond character he was, getting set on fire by a group of angry black bikers after he made some rather overt slavery allusions and purported to be “Old South.” Kenny inviting the one-eyed Reg to come catch with him was, surprisingly enough, a sign of maturity, something he half-heartedly attempted to do on the beach with Ivan and which didn’t actually pan out in this case because Reg wasn’t allowed to catch in the game. Kenny’s ability to harness the hatred of the crowd for Ivan and the batteries being showered onto the field was impressive, and his declaration of his signature tagline was a sign of true achievement, or, in his own words, his comeback actually taking shape. Even Stevie had something to celebrate, despite some toupee-related embarrassment, since Maria came back to him after his bold declaration of love for her. April’s return at the end of the episode was expected, but seemed to cause Kenny to have emotion despite his detached attitude. Next week’s finale is sure to be unpredictable, and I’m eagerly awaiting it to find out what becomes of the legendary Kenny Powers.

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