Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 1, Episode 20 “Normal” (B+)

There’s a reason that Russell spent the night at Jess’ apartment previously, and this episode shows exactly why. The results were entirely hilarious, of course, as, after a dramatic unclogging of the sink by all four roommates and some awkward staring from Nick and sushi criticism from Schmidt, Russell learning the drinking game and, unsurprisingly, got very drunk. Jess’ desire not to fight with him was sweet and naïve, and it’s good that this thing is working out since she seems to be enjoying her “romantic comedy montage” life with him. Cece and Schmidt being so public about their relationship is somewhat disturbing, though it’s still highly entertaining. I loved Real Apps, its backwards-thinking functionality, its homophone relapse, and the fact that Schmidt used Winklevoss as a verb as a reference to Facebook. Winston’s new job with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was hardly his dream situation, evidenced by his boss’ ridiculous need for six milkshakes at all times and his interviewing him by pretending to be him rather than actually letting him say his piece. The idea of “dunking his nuggets,” for lack of a better euphemism, was highly extreme, but it seems that his boss was impressed with its hilarity. In his final appearance, Elvin proved himself to be extraordinarily clever, telling his mom that Winston wanted to go smoke weed in the park with him and have him hold the joint since he was a minor, so that Winston would never be able to nanny again and would instead need to find a real job.

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