Monday, April 23, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Finder

The Finder: Season 1, Episode 10 “The Conversation” (B+)

Walter’s one wacky guy, to be sure, signing on only to find a conversation rather than to find a missing man. Of course, he appears to have a heart, seeing out the case because it means something to Leo, though a well-timed explosion that could have made it more interesting for him as well. We learn more about Leo’s daughter Ellie in this hour, that she died at age twelve of an e coli outbreak that could have been prevented but was not due to corporate greed. It also explains Michael Clarke Duncan’s massive weight loss by saying that Leo went on a huge health kick after the death of his wife and daughter. Leo having Timo read his future means that he’s seriously struggling, but the successful location of the honest, whistle-blowing father and his subsequent threatening of the CEO will likely put him back on track. Willa had a fun part in this hour, using her facial recognition and lip-reading abilities to assemble the entire conversation, with the help of a whole lot of coffee. Her accents were particularly amusing, and her getting slapped was another entertaining moment that even made her smile. Agent McHottie was a great part of the episode, flirting with Walter and then revealing herself to be an agent not of the law but of the company, looking to hurt Carlos instead of help him. Walter made excellent use of his hula hoop tennis ball fence-cutting device to electrocute him and allow him to get out of yet another slippery situation.

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