Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I’m Watching: Ringer

Ringer: Season 1, Episode 20 “If You’re Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It” (C)

Katherine’s a problem that’s just not going away. As the idiotic Juliet dialogue that serves as the title of this episode indicates, there’s no saving Katherine. She may be sick, but she’s still pretty damn evil. Slitting her wrists in Andrew’s apartment was a direct way of inserting herself back into their lives, but unplugging the landline and taking Bridget’s cell phone so that she couldn’t be warned by Machado about the fact that she was being drugged was considerably more intense. She didn’t even need to try something like this considering that she had a smoking gun that she overheard during Bridget’s conversation with Machado in which she admitted to killing her would-be assassin. This episode included the almost laughable view as seen by Henry of Siobhan and Bridget standing just feet from each other, with the former conveniently shielded from the latter’s peripheral vision. The real Siobhan’s meddling in Henry’s affairs was stupid, since she didn’t actually help his case and only served to make Bridget finding out about her all the more likely. Henry’s children being taken away by Children’s Services shouldn’t come as a surprise given that he never spends any time with them, and I can’t imagine he’ll have an easy time getting them back, especially since Tim seems determined to destroy Henry’s life. I’m much more intrigued by his plan to save Martin Charles from certain destruction, though I doubt that will be at the forefront of anyone’s mind considering the other events of this episode.

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