Monday, April 9, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Finder

The Finder: Season 1, Episode 8 “Life After Death” (B+)

It’s a delight to have this show back on a new night after a month-long hiatus. Walter’s firm belief that deceased artist J Strike was in fact still alive was wholeheartedly entertaining, especially because he stood so alone in that conviction. Glade was a decent character, but his viper lawyer Athena was far more interesting, mainly due to her prior romance with Leo, which led to some fantastic romance between the two. Walter’s investigation into the source of the new recording was certainly innovative, as he utilized the lights to determine that the pirate was using a voice changer and to signal what he was saying. Athena getting Walter out of jail almost immediately following Kareem being thrown off the roof was impressive, and I enjoyed the fact that Isabel wasn’t eager to be released since she didn’t want to slander fellow law enforcement agencies. The case proved to have two big surprises in store, the first being that J Strike was killed by his own brother during an accidental shooting and the second being that Athena, not Glade, was responsible for both that act and the intimidation of Kareem. Walter introducing Kareem and Trey was nice, and it’s always good to see long-suffering people find a happy ending. I very much appreciated Willa’s extensive involvement in the investigation, talking Walter through tracing a location without using words, accompanying him to the South Beach University campus, and running around like a maniac while he was signifying specific words while listening to the recording.

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Unknown said...

The finding process used by Walter and team was again fascinating!