Sunday, April 8, 2012

What I’m Watching: Missing

Missing: Season 1, Episode 4 “Tell Me No Lies” (C-)

And there it is. I’m not sure if I speculated in writing that Paul was still alive, but could that twist have been any more obvious? I’m still unimpressed that Sean Bean chose this as a follow-up to his excellent role on “Game of Thrones,” and now his character has to be both corrupt and a father that deserted his son after his death was faked a decade earlier? The joy on Becca’s face when she saw him was palpable, and after that she couldn’t stop referring to him as “my husband,” something he most definitely is not anymore after lying to and abandoning her. Next up will be the reveal that he’s not actually a bad guy, but that will have to wait for episode five or six, which I don’t intend to continue watching. It’s a real shame that Keith Carradine’s legendary agent Martin Newman is infinitely less interesting than his investigator was on “Dexter” several years ago. In his luxurious captivity, Michael’s not being too smart, running around stealing keys and trying to test his limits, only to have his dear friend Oksana, who’s actually working with his captors, get beaten since they can’t touch him. It’s hard to decide whether Becca or Michael is more annoying, and that’s not a good state for this show to be in. I think I’ve seen enough of this show to determine that it’s an uncreative if occasionally invigorating story that shouldn’t really be able to milk more than eight to ten episodes out of its plot but will likely and unwisely aim for more.

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