Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I’m Watching: Touch

Touch: Season 1, Episode 5 “Entanglement” (B)

This show is steadily improving as its main character, Martin, becomes more comfortable with the role that has been fatefully assigned to him as Jake’s father. I’m less interested, however, in Jake himself and the fact that Martin’s tasks don’t permit him to be there at the crucial moments for his son. I still wish that Gugu Mbatha-Raw would have a meatier part that isn’t simply serving as Jake’s babysitter, and I’m not sure why the mystery with her missing mother has been completely forgotten. Martin had an eventful day, managing to get his laptop stolen and then immediately sit next to a woman who rather unnecessarily held him at gunpoint, choosing to explain to him her entire story. Fortunately, the complex web of connections enabled all of the subtitles to be worthwhile, as the call from Saudi Arabia forced to bus to quickly stop, enabling Martin and the murderer to escape, leading to the girl being hit by a car, putting her in the hospital so that Martin could make the donor connection to her long-lost brother. The Montreal-based doctor turning out to be the rebellious Saudi girl’s fiancé was another cool twist, and it’s interesting to see this express such forward-thinking morals and messages. Arthur seems to be unraveling as he realizes that Jake truly is capable of seeing what he sees, yet no one seems to understand the importance of what he believes, and that’s likely going to be his undoing. I’m not sure what will happen with Jake geographically, but something tells me he won’t find himself separated from his father for long.

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