Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: Mad Men

Mad Men: Season 5, Episode 5 “Signal 30” (B+)

There’s nothing like a trip out of the city to allow boundaries to be stripped away and true identities to come out into the open. Don’s inability to resist Trudy’s invitation led to a very interesting dinner party at which Pete showed his excitement that Don actually came all the way out to Cos Cob to visit his home. Pete’s unsuccessful efforts to fix the faucet led to an extraordinarily dramatic scene where Don sprung into action to fix it, wowing everyone and even turning on Megan enough to stop the car mid-drive back to the city. Don’s hatred for the suburbs seemed matched by his drunken desire to “make a baby” with her, as he put it, and it’s wild to see him so affectionate over the person to whom he’s actually married. Pete seemed especially annoyed about his fidelity, clearly longing for much more than Trudy and unhappy that Don suddenly finds himself so restrained. Lane being taken off his own business was a shame, and that night out sponsored by Roger sure was crazy. Lane challenging Pete to a duel in the conference room was fantastic, and he clearly was the victor, leaving with his pride and even managing to get a smooch with Joan out of the whole thing, to which she reacted rather professionally and kindly. Ken’s secret life as a science fiction author came out of nowhere, and it was heartbreaking to hear Roger tell him that he already has a day job and a night job.

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