Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 1, Episode 21 “Kids” (B+)

Having a child around the apartment definitely isn’t a good idea considering all four of its inhabitants often have trouble controlling themselves. Nothing could have quite predicted the scene in which Ouli entered to find Sarah struggling to take off Jess’ highly inappropriate clothing, being helped by Nick as Schmidt and Cece celebrated the arrival of her period. Sarah’s immediate affection for Nick was entertaining, and, as usual, it was Jess’ reaction to the mess that really sold it and made it work. Nick dating a girl just out of high school who knew Sarah from the bus didn’t help matters at all, and it served instead to elevate Nick to the level of douchiness often inhabited by Schmidt. I like the rapport between Jess and Sarah – it’s hardly ideal in many ways, but Jess is able to give of herself and shape her student in a way that will prove influential, even if it doesn’t work out with Russell. Sarah’s discovery of her many bras was a particularly amusing scene. I enjoyed Schmidt’s parade of extremely Jewish names for his baby once he found out that Cece might be pregnant, and while I don’t think either the couple or the show is ready for that just yet, it’s something that could happen years down the road a la Ross and Rachel. Despite working for a horrible boss, Winston is proving himself an exemplary employee, acting as getaway driver for his boss and giving him inspirational pep talks that may worked too well.

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