Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I’m Watching: Ringer (Season Finale)

Ringer: Season 1, Episode 22 “I’m the Good Twin” (C)

It’s hard to believe that Bridget was able to come out with the truth so easily to Andrew and then to Juliet only moments later. It took her an unbelievable twenty-two episodes to get it out, mainly because of distractions like Katherine, who had to stick around until just last week. Conveniently, Macawi finally woke up and realized that Bridget was in New York, though he wasn’t smart enough to do a tiny bit of research and find out that she had a twin. Jimmy’s escape from prison and subsequent murder wasn’t necessary, and it felt rather forced to have the real Siobhan cleaning out the apartment at just the moment that Macawi broke in. Not seeing her face was the kind of thing that should have happened midway through the season, and it’s only due to the awesome Solomon that Bridget finally knows that Siobhan is alive. She earns some credit for heading right over to see Henry and tell him she knows about Siobhan. It’s unclear whether this show will get a second season, and this is a frustrating way to leave things. Andrew reacted poorly to the news about Bridget’s true identity, and so did Juliet, and maybe they wouldn’t factor into season two in the same way, or maybe not at all. Andrew finding out about the affair should have happened a while ago, and this finale was the ultimate counterexample to the show’s usual tendency to drag things out way too much, wasting twenty episodes and instead cramming everything into one hour. I’ve become somewhat invested in these characters, so I’d follow a second season, but the quality of this show’s writing and characters doesn’t exactly recommend one.

Season grade: C+
Season MVP: Sean Patrick Thomas as Solomon

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