Monday, April 23, 2012

What I’m Watching: Nikita

Nikita: Season 2, Episode 19 “Wrath” (C)

Reviled as Percy and Amanda may be, neither of them have racked up quite as many mortal enemies as Nikita. There were two crucial differences in this case: Brant wasn’t going to be swayed by Nikita to become just the latest member of her ragtag band, and she didn’t want, purporting to have not regretted the mission in which she put him in jail. The torture rack was a bit excessive, and its only real usefulness was when Nikita swung it upside down to get the best of Brant, as she predictably would do. She sure was mad at Michael for giving himself up, especially since it wasn’t even to save her and merely made a bad situation infinitely worse. Their relationship is extremely complicated, and I’m not sure how well Michael’s plan to teach her to love herself is going to go. Getting relationship advice from Birkohff and Alex isn’t the best idea either, considering their romantic track records. Percy’s hunt for plutonium felt cartoonish, and he’s much better at undermining his enemies and manipulating his allies than plotting mass destruction. For the umpteenth time, the episode ended with Nikita telling Percy that she’s coming for him after he offers to back down and let them each go their separate ways. That’s nothing new, though Percy telling Nikita that she has evil in her hasn’t been explicitly uttered before. The random casualty of the week is Madeline, who had to go so that a one-episode guest star could get Nikita’s attention.

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