Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Killing (Season Premiere)

The Killing: Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2 “Reflections” & “My Lucky Day” (B)

Like its series premiere almost exactly a year ago, this two-hour installment delves deep into the world of this show and establishes its somber and definitive mood. Picking up exactly where it left off permits its main characters to experience hearing the news of Darren’s shooting, and all reacting with shock. Sarah is operating fully autonomously now, refusing to trust Holder after learning of his complicity in the faked evidence, and leaving a fake name along her investigative trail means that she knows full well that she’s not going to be supported by anyone else. The replacement of Lieutenant Oakes by Mark Moses’ much more discerning Lieutenant Carlson signifies that Sarah is going to be on a short leash, one which she should have rid herself of altogether by this point by finally getting out of Seattle. Holder appears to be growing a conscience, realizing that he may have framed the wrong man and banging on Sarah’s door to get her to listen to him. Stan is evidently on edge following Mitch’s departure and the mysterious appearance of Rosie’s backpack, and Terry’s presence can only help so much. Belko’s arrest and subsequent suicide were intense, and now an unprotected Stan is not willing to take any chances, putting out a hit on Rosie’s killer, whoever that may be. Darren’s paralysis is sure to affect his campaign in a major way, and even Mayor Adams wasn’t pleased about this turn of events. Gwen telling Sarah that Darren left during the night seemed like it might be just the thing to confirm his complicity, but instead it allowed Sarah to determine that he is in fact innocent, widening the net and foreshadowing another depressing and bleak season of this show.

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