Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls: Season 1, Episode 20 “And the Drug Money” (B+)

Max and Caroline have done plenty of degrading things which have been normal for Max and quite out of the ordinary for Caroline, and participating in a drug trial produced predictably problematic results for the duo. It was worth it for Max’s quips alone, executed rapid fire to the lawyer who was more than just a lawyer on “Law & Order.” Max’s fascination with his profession and the courtroom was highly entertaining, and it was amusing to see how everything played out, with Caroline losing function of her tongue at a crucial time thanks to the drug trial in which they participated and Max coming to her defense to convey her affection for her father, with one crucial confusion of her relationship with him. I’m sure it will be a while before we finally meet the mystery man, but he’s sure being played up to be quite the figure. The opening scene featured a humorous unrelated joke, and only Max would insist on getting a girl with a dog she claimed was her registered emotional companion to admit that it was made up just for the sake of embarrassing her. Max’s familiarity with the drug testing world and how to deal with potential roommates was great, and she’s a terrific guide to the New York underworld, combating despicable and frightening situations with a sarcastic attitude and plenty of puns and double entendres. Caroline’s getting to know that world well, and sooner or later she’s going to be the one teaching Max how to get by without much.

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