Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Big C

The Big C: Season 3, Episode 3 “Bundle of Joy” (B+)

Sometimes a trip out of town is just what you need to get yourself centered. Cathy’s experience with Joy wasn’t what she expected at all, and Susan Sarandon was the latest big-name performer to stop by the show to play a wacky character with a whole lot of spirit. It was fun to see how quickly Paul took to her when she complimented his blog, whereas Cathy was not pleased at all with having to carry around rocks and blame herself for her cancer. Adam, once again, is falling head over hells for a girl, and getting somewhat interestingly involved in religion as his Valentine’s Day experience with the rock concert slash church session seems to have moved him, though it also filled him with some rather impure thoughts. It’s fun to see the show’s most eccentric, disconnected characters, Sean and Andrea, better known now as Ababu, bond on Valentine’s Day with an entirely platonic date at a garlic restaurant in which the theft of a dessert resulted in a joking proposal. I’m glad that the kiss was made completely unromantic by Sean burping in Andrea’s mouth during it. Sean is doing well with his phone sex operation, which clearly horrified Cathy when she came over to find him in the middle of a call. Andrea hasn’t yet found her own place either in school or in life, though spending some quality time with Sean means that she can start forgetting about Mick and start moving on with her life.

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