Saturday, April 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: Psych

Psych: Season 6, Episode 15 “True Grits” (B+)

Now this is an episode I can really get behind, that finally utilizes Juliet and Lassie in a productive way. Anthony Anderson’s wrongly convicted, legally-knowledgeable, omnipresent client of the week was fun, and Rob Benedict, who appeared on “Touch” last week, had a strong small part as his lawyer from the Innocence Project. Most notably, of course, Shawn and Juliet went head-to-head as he found to help Thane and she struggled with the fact that she was the one that put him away two years and eight months earlier. Their back-and-forth and refusal to tell each other things about the case was terrific, and I enjoyed very much seeing them like this. Lassie’s quick observation that they might break up over this was amusing, as was his recommendation of a lesbian inmate for Juliet should her relationship fall apart much like his work romance from way back in the pilot did. The case was solid in this hour, but I was much more pleased to be taking notes to write down some of the better jokes and references included. Shawn throwing a garbage can at the window like Spike Lee did in “Do the Right Thing,” despite warnings moments earlier from Gus, was funny, and after Shawn’s defense of being “born this way” much like Lady Gaga, I was delighted to learn that, though he has no meat dress, he does have a tie made entirely of beef jerky. Gus carrying around a hammer and spitting on Shawn’s shoe to create a character was also quite entertaining.

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