Friday, April 27, 2012

What I’m Watching: Glee

Glee: Season 3, Episode 17 “Dance with Somebody” (C)

I’m all for tributes to Whitney Houston, though I’ve never been too knowledgeable about her music, but this show really needs to improve its plot if it’s going to aim so high with the music. The notion that Whitney’s death was like Princess Diana’s death for these kids is an intriguing one, though I’m not sure the comparison stands for the greater populace. Everyone’s definitely starting to feel like the end is near, and it’s hard to imagine what the show’s going to look like if characters start going in and out a revolving door. Joe talking to Sam about Quinn is the ultimate example of the show going through so many changes, as Sam was an import who stopped by as a recurring guest star long after the show had already established itself. The moral that Christianity is outdated and has to be modified to accommodate modern temptations is a strange one to include alongside Quinn and her struggle to deal with handicapped life. Kurt’s painfully obvious flirtation with a cute guy was inexcusable, and his treatment of Blaine was harsh. Of course, just like Burt, Blaine was only being distant because he doesn’t want Kurt to leave, and though he’s become less central this season, his absence is going to be felt once he does (not necessarily inevitably) depart. Will trying to move up his wedding so that the glee club members can attend is inappropriate, and something tells me that this crew would manage to make it back to Ohio to attend their mentor’s big day.

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