Monday, April 2, 2012

Take Three: Touch

Touch: Season 1, Episode 3 “Safety in Numbers” (B-)

As has been true with the first two installments of this show, the way everything tends to work out is extremely interesting and clever, but the ends don’t justify the means. The writing and acting are unimpressive, and the specific plotlines are rather stiff and uncreative. I was excited to see Rob Benedict from “Threshold” as the Invisible Prince, a superhero of sorts seeking to help the world in a manner quite similar to Jake. I’ll admit that that particular thread turned out to be much more engaging than it initially appeared, as Frank managed to elicit the truth from his brother and help the defendants in the class-action suit achieve victory and find peace. His search also revealed an important detail about his past, that he used to be a reporter and didn’t seem to treat his underling, who has now gone from coffee boy to full-fledged journalist. A bit of Arthur’s past was also alluded to, as his attempt to check in on Jake leads to conversation about how he shouldn’t have any patients due to what happened before, something which is sure to be elaborated on soon. Clea is now involved in a central way in events since Frank was present at the car accident that injured the woman that was reported to be her mother. The dancing competition and pot banging in Africa seemed to be somewhat unconnected to everything else, and I think this show might get lost trying to stay in subtitles that don’t relate to what’s happening in English.

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