Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Killing

The Killing: Season 2, Episode 4 “Ogi Jun” (B+)

This was not a happy episode for anyone, and Seattle seems even rainier and drearier than ever. It’s good that Sarah and Holder seem to have gotten back on better terms with each other, even if the road towards them making up wasn’t terribly conventional. Sarah not wanting to hear Holder’s excuses was considerably less entertaining than Holder’s free-styling of “Dial 1-900-LINDEN” as he mocked her apparent affair with the lawman she brought him to meet. Their investigation isn’t leading anywhere positive, and it’s just getting glummer and viler by the day. Sarah getting a call that she might have to face a custody battle doesn’t help matters in the slightest, and it’s clear that her longing for a family life is already affecting how she’s able to do her job and maintain focus. Stan is spinning out of control, attacking his own allies as he realizes that there’s more going on than he knew, and getting more and more aggressive and impatient with his family members. Tommy locking his brother in the trunk of the car was particularly disturbing, but nothing quite compares to Stan confronting him at school and telling him that he should fight back rather than take it or run next time someone hits him. Darren was even more depressed as Mayor Adams came to tell him he’d support him in four years, and after a valiant attempt to get him some fresh air, Jamie got an undeservedly harsh scolding that’s sure to do irreparable damage to their relationship.

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