Thursday, April 26, 2012

What I’m Watching: Smash

Smash: Season 1, Episode 12 “Publicity” (C-)

This show is starting to seriously slip, and it’s unlikely that it will be able to recover once Rebecca Duvall inevitably finds herself fired from the project. She’s proving to be increasingly despicable, and primping Karen as the next big thing was rather obnoxious as well. The trip to the Indian restaurant resulted in the show’s most peculiar and non-diegetic move yet, which featured Dev twirling around and singing with everyone else dressed in traditional Indian garb. I think the show would be better off sticking to reality, where it won’t embarrass itself with overdone, unnecessary scenes. Tom’s excessive emotion about Leo’s disappearance was irritating, and everything to do with Julia, Frank, and Leo is irksome, mostly because Leo is a terrible character who’s almost more worthless than Ellis. Julia’s intimidation of Leo’s friend was unfortunately laughable, and it’s yet another instance of why personal lives should be kept private on this show. Nick was quite uncultured at the gallery, but he does deserve credit for not letting Jerry get to him, and for whisking Eileen away from the miserable party. Though she’s not bright, Karen didn’t deserve what Ivy and Ellis did to her, and, while I suspect that the show wouldn’t let her go that easily, she’s going to suffer the consequences for adhering to the texted instructions to go home. Derek has plenty more rage to get out of his system, and Rebecca’s inability to sing is likely going to bring about her downfall, especially considering how powerful Ivy’s rendition was to Eileen and everyone else.

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