Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation: Season 4, Episode 19 “Live Ammo” (B+)

Having this show off the air for more than a month is terrible, and within moments of its return, it’s clear that this remains the best comedy currently on television. Leslie’s desperate desire to find money in the budget elsewhere so that her own department won’t have to get cut is nothing new, but it’s still fun to see her continue to fight back as both Bradley Whitford’s Councilman Pillner and Kathryn Hahn’s Jennifer Barkley derailed her latest step in the plan. Leslie didn’t react well to being called a dog killer, and adopting almost three dozen pets was a rather rash decision. Leslie managed a slam dunk when she gave Jennifer the fantastic idea to have Bobby help out with the budget, telling her that she’s going to kick his ass in the debate and then having the waitress give her the check. I liked that April actually got passionate about the project, only to be disgusted by the lack of success of her adoption drive. It was sweet that Tom gave over to comfort her with a photo of the one adoptive child as well as one of himself, which somehow got in there. Ron and Chris’ interactions were perhaps the best part of this episode, as Chris was most impressed by Ron’s willingness to be flexible and play along. Ron cheering Chris up with whiskey and a pep talk when Chris found out his own job was in jeopardy was terrific, and it’s great to see a rare serious moment between two excellent comedic characters.

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