Monday, April 30, 2012

What I’m Watching: Awake

Awake: Season 1, Episode 9 “Game Day” (B+)

This show is getting better as it’s starting to tease out Michael’s realizations about how his worlds are connected, and I’m pleased that the show is letting them speak for themselves rather than having Michael verbalize them so that his therapists can shoot down their validity. I can stomach Rex’s unfortunate conversations about how to tell if someone’s lying if it means that Michael can discover that Emma is pregnant in the world in which Rex is no longer alive. Michael being able to pick up on the subtle differences in between his two worlds, where one team wins or Emma doesn’t have an abortion, means that he’s not accepting his realities as fabrications but instead working to bring them together in some productive way. Unfortunately, Hannah likely won’t be pleased if Michael will want to stay in town to help Emma along with their grandchild, and that could prove problematic. The quality of the cases is also improving, as Rob’s murder case proved to be full of twists, as was the hunt for the arsonist that burnt down the laundromat. I’m always happy to see Francois Chau, best known for his role as a scientist with many different names in “Lost,” here playing the laundromat owner in hopeless debt. The backdrop of the big game in both worlds was a good way of amping up the excitement, and it’s nice to know that Vega has become fond enough of Michael to want to plan him a goodbye party, though something tells me he may not be in need of it anymore.

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