Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I’m Watching: Smash

Smash: Season 1, Episode 11 “The Movie Star” (C)

Just like it did in the show, the presence of a big movie star drove the tone and focus of the episode in a completely distracting way. Uma Thurman is an odd choice for the role of Rebecca Duvall, mainly because she hasn’t done roles quite like this in the past, and while her entrance at the end of the previous episode was rather fantastic, her presence here isn’t terribly positive. She’s causing unnecessary extra drama in a workshop that was already plagued by plenty of problems, and the fact that she can’t sing is a huge deal. Her many demands didn’t make her too popular with the crew, though realizing that she needs to hire a vocal coach earns her some points. It would seem that she’ll be sticking around for at least a little bit, and I think the show would be okay without her. Ivy and Karen aren’t wasting any time plotting their comebacks, and it’s refreshing to see Karen stand up to Ivy when she talked down to her about stealing the part. Ellis sure managed to alienate his contact quickly by not checking to ensure that his call had been transferred, and it’s good to see him get burned since he’s such an obnoxious jerk. Eileen sure isn’t giving up on her man, which shows maturity, and he didn’t give up on her without a fight, which was nice. The less said about Julia’s family life the better, but I will note that I had a strange meta moment watching Tom and Julia walk out of the Brill Building on 49th & Broadway not five minutes before I myself walked into it for a press screening.

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