Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I’m Watching: House of Lies (Season Finale)

House of Lies: Season 1, Episode 12 “The Mayan Apocalypse” (B+)

Usually I might shy away from time-jumping episodes, especially when it comes to comedies, but I do think that this was the perfect way to close out the freshman season of this superb and unique show. It’s most important because of that final shot of Marty and Jeannie, both wearing equally maniacal expressions on their faces, going crazy and drinking like there’s no tomorrow, before Jeannie even has a chance to bail on her relationship with Wes and get seriously insulted by the seemingly nice guy. Marty and his team definitely needed a twenty-fifth hour solution, and Jeannie stepping up to the late, however drunk she might have been, to launch a class-action suit against the Rainmaker for his astonishing number of illicit sexual conquests was just what was needed to get the job done, resulting in the merger being killed in a matter of moments. Marty wasn’t happy with a simple victory and had to make it personal, rubbing the fact that he slept with his daughter in the Rainmaker’s face. Unfortunately, investing so much in work cost him his relationship with Roscoe, who decided to go live with Monica following Marty’s absence during his Mayan apocalypse project. Monica is sure to figure prominently into season two, especially after trying to poach Clyde in a humorous scene and essentially being responsible for getting the merger killed by giving Marty the smoking gun. This has been a terrific first round for this show, and I eagerly await its return sometime next year.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Don Cheadle & Kristen Bell

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