Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I’m Watching: Awake

Awake: Season 1, Episode 7 “Ricky’s Tacos” (B)

I liked this episode because it barely featured Rex and only minimally focused on Hannah and her plans to repair the house so that they could put it on the market in preparation for their move to Oregon. This is monumental because the show actually had time to focus on its developments, featuring not one but two compelling cases and forging an extremely enticing and intriguing link between the two worlds, revealing in the process that Michael is actually close to uncovering some serious information. Michael hearing things at Ricky’s Tacos was interesting, and it’s hard to figure out just how to interpret that particular scene, yet what’s conveyed in that moment is crucial. The fact that there’s a hit out on Michael in one universe can’t be good, but it’s reassuring to know that Captain Harper at least cares enough to try to spare Michael’s life by telling those itching for his corpse that he’s leaving town. The case of the suicidal girl who approached multiple guys asking for sex took an unexpected and dark turn with the revelation that her father was the guilty party, and it was a treat to see Michael and Harper pull off the interrogation room trick together. The case of El Diablo also demonstrated Michael’s abilities, while enabling him the opportunity to give Vega some important policework advice. The “For Sale” sign going up on Michael’s lawn at the end of the episode is a big thing, and though I can’t imagine Michael will actually be able to leave town, I’m so intrigued to see how that would be handled.

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