Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I’m Watching: 30 Rock

30 Rock: Season 6, Episode 15 “The Shower Principle” (B+)

One episode of this show per week seems to be just the right amount, and I’m glad we’re back to that format now that this show has almost caught up in terms of its number of episodes aired this season to its follow Thursday night NBC programming. More than any other series, this show has always managed to establish ridiculous trends and craft entire episodes out of them, and that worked marvelously well here on two fronts. Liz’s impatience with life repeating itself each here, able to track each development and, thanks to Pete, resolution, in a book, and the Shower Principle, something that only Jack could come up with, were funny introductions to a relatively entertaining installment. Hazel really is just a new version of Kenneth, far more dangerous because of her obsession with Liz and desire to destroy Jenna, cleverly executed during a parody sketch about Macbeth, the ultimate theatre curse. Tracy doing his own taxes was hilarious, mainly because he simply added another zero to his total when he remembered something else he had done. Two other funny Tracy tidbits: watching the news like it’s a video game, and not trusting his accountant because he doesn’t believe he’s Jewish. I’ll allow the show the meditating sequences, even though they’re a bit silly, mainly because it helps to further explore the relationship between Jack and Liz, in which her problems magically turn into solutions for him and for the company. Creating couches is a brilliant move for the already over-the-top Kabletown, and it’s no surprise that Hank loved it.

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