Sunday, April 1, 2012

Take Three: Missing

Missing: Season 1, Episode 3 “Ice Queen” (C)

There’s something about a search for your internationally abducted child that seems like it should take a bit of time to develop. Instead, Becca is so quickly coming face-to-face with people directly tied-in to and responsible for his kidnapping, and this show is going to burn out quickly if it continues to try to achieve too much too fast. The fake-outs are becoming tiresome, as Michael, unsurprisingly, turns out not to be aboard the plane that Becca chased after, further indicating to all that she’s not a sound woman and needs to be watched rather than aided. It was obvious that Garcias was the one that was going to be executed rather than Becca, not only because of the fact that she’s the show’s star but also because this series is turning out to be highly predictable. Michael being trapped in a large mansion with a convenient fellow prisoner traipsing about is going to turn into an agonizingly uninteresting plotline, and he seems to be living a life of luxury despite the fact that he can’t leave the grounds for fear of being warned by wounding. Most obnoxious about this installment was Mary’s presence. She may be a good friend, but flying to Rome without telling her best friend seems awfully irresponsible, and she just had to be dumb enough to come to the party and then get taken as a hostage by Garcias. Fortunately, Garcias was stupid enough not to anticipate being pushed, a small action that managed to throw her completely off guard.

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